About Us

AIN BISHAROD is a Legist Law Firm headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The sincere, well-thought-out and cordial teamwork of our expert associates is the key to our success and impressing professionalism. We focus on quality and reliable service. 

While setting up our Law Firm, we aimed to provide legal service within the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Later on, consistent demand from our client throughout the country inspired us to extend our service area. At present, we cover more than 23 district and metropolitan BAR associations in Bangladesh with the help of our emphatically committed associates and partner firms.  

AIN BISHAROD carries out various Corporate legal services, Criminal Litigation, Labour and Employment matters, Bank and Financial matters, Taxation, and many other legal and paralegal services with equal aplomb. Each of our works is finalized through a series of careful observation and scrutinization  so that no hazard can affect the expectation and reservations of our clients.

Our teams are well equipped to handle all types of Civil & Criminal cases at all stages in District courts, Tribunals, High Courts as well as defending matters at the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. We are emphatically committed to the absolute and complete discharge of our professional, ethical, and aggressive legal representation in and out of the courtroom with worth and excellence.

We feel proud to declare that our practice is quite apart from traditional practitioners. Mainly, we follow our legal mind on manipulating words, documentation, and argument-based aggressive defense on behalf of our clients, and that gives us a lot of love, aspiration, and trust of our client. This trust has accelerated our position. 

AIN BISHAROD is heartily committed to respect and safeguard your privacy. We know how much it values you. Like others, we don’t make it available to anyone or publish it publicly to showcase our client directory.

AIN BISHAROD recognize that the foundation of our business is maintaining your trust and confidence. In order to provide you with the most effective and beneficial legal service, our firm must officially maintain some documents and information about you. Keeping that information secure and private is a very crucial duty to us.