Corporate and Banking Law

AIN BISHAROD represents various domestic and foreign financial institutions as well as insurance companies. Our expert team regularly advises on syndicated loans and differing security arrangements and undertakes every type of security documentation, drafting and perfecting of securities. With the introduction of innovative financial services and products to the Bangladesh markets, We have formed outstanding skill in securities regulation requirements and dispute resolution.

AIN BISHAROD represents its client before the court of law with a great zeal of professionalism and expert skill in the cases of-

  • Litigations under the Negotiable Instruments Act – 1881 (NI Act) as for litigations for dishonored/bounced cheques are administered under the provisions of NI Act to recover demand, loan money, Installment, and any other due.


  • Litigations under Artha Rin Adalat Ain – 2003 empower the Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions of Bangladesh for speedy and expeditious disposal of money suits filed by the banks and NBFIs. AIN BISHAROD is one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh in dealing with the Artha Rin suits. In past times, we have successfully recovered a huge amount of defaulted loans for the banks and NBFIs through our legal tactics.


  • Litigations against fraud, forgery and cheating under provisions of Penal Code – 1860, AIN BISHAROD has broad jurisdiction to dealing of offenses relating to Fraudulent Deeds and Deposition of Property, Cheating, Loss of property of Banking Company, Offence relating to documents and to trade or property marks and Offence relating to currency note and banknote.


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