Tax, VAT and Custom Matters

AIN BISHAROD has very significant practice and experience in tax and VAT-related services in Bangladesh. Our firm provides mainly two types of taxation services: Value Added Tax and Income Tax. Besides, there are some other services available regarding customs duty, gift tax, supplementary duty, etc.

With us you get a complete solution in regards to your taxation matters. This may include advising tax implications of several transactions an entity enters, Tax deducted at source from salaries, tax withheld from suppliers, submission of quarterly withholding tax return, annual corporate tax return or the s. 108 return to the tax authority.

We also represent clients in front of the taxation authority to settle any disputes or representing the clients in front of a tribunal or Court of law to settle or fight a tax appeal. It is very important that you receive full value in regards to tax-related services in Bangladesh; our legal team will ensure absolute compliance with finance and law.

We also do provide regular services for personal income tax matters to individuals, which involve preparation and submission of returns, obtaining of tax clearance certificate, tax residency certificate.

We are known for our integrity, efficiency and a high degree of partner involvement. We maintain and uphold the highest quality standards for ourselves.


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