Drafting, Vetting and Documentation

Drafting, Vetting and Documentation

Vetting legal documents is an essential task in the context of the modern commercial world. A large number of contracts/agreements are executed every day, and it binds the parties to the responsibilities and liabilities as set out in their respective contracts. Therefore, AIN BISHAROD always highly recommends executing a contract after the contractual instrument being

Copyright, Patent and Trademark Registration

Bangladesh as a developing country has been a targeted place for multinational businesses and intellectual services. Trademark, copyright, and patent law all fall under the umbrella of intellectual property law. Intellectual property refers to things created with the mind. Just as tangible property can be protected, so can intellectual property through the legal recognition of

Trust, foundation and Society Registration

AIN BISHAROD has a full-fledged department to deal with the matter of registering Trust, Society and Foundation. We not only provide consultancy but also assist you in person through our associate and partner firm. Trust can be preferred as an entity to do either social business or charity since it affords relatively greater flexibility in

Company Formation and Registration

If you are thinking to register a new company or relocation of your existing company to Bangladesh, but don’t know how to and where to avail that service, then you are at perfect place. AIN BISHAROD  is ready to assist you in this regard. In Bangladesh, Companies are formed under the obligations of Companies Act

Environmental Law

AIN BISHAROD has extensive experience in advising on all aspects of environmental law, including assisting clients in obtaining all necessary planning and environment approvals and complying with those approvals throughout the duration of a project. We also regularly assist clients in assessing project risks and provide practical advice in responding to regulatory investigations as well

Energy and Resource Law

AIN BISHAROD provides outstanding legal services to businesses in the energy and natural resources sectors. Our team includes a deep understanding of the unique legal and commercial characteristics of the respective markets. Being a growing law firm in Bangladesh, we have to build leading energy and resource teams, our lawyers have specialist expertise from many

Criminal Litigation (Bail, Prosecution and Defense)

AIN BISHAROD represents various individuals and corporate persons before the court in the matter of criminal cases both for litigation and trial. Our expert team regularly advises on criminal law for an above-board and constant workflow. We provide affordable and specialist legal services relating to advisory, drafting and advocacy services in relation to criminal prosecution

Cyber Security and ICT Law

The number of cybercrimes in Bangladesh is increasing day by day despite the laws regulating cybersecurity being framed by the government. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division of the Bangladesh government has prioritized three national areas for the development of cybersecurity in 2018: legal measures, technical and procedural measures, and organizational structures, with a

Family Laws (Marriage, Divorce and Child Custody)

Family Matters covers a vast area of legal practice for lawyers. Conducting family matters cases are quite different and unique to each and every case. There always have a lot of stress and emotions. An efficient and skilled divorce and the family lawyer must have some extra ordinary and practical tactics along with others legal

Tax, VAT and Custom Matters

AIN BISHAROD has very significant practice and experience in tax and VAT-related services in Bangladesh. Our firm provides mainly two types of taxation services: Value Added Tax and Income Tax. Besides, there are some other services available regarding customs duty, gift tax, supplementary duty, etc. With us you get a complete solution in regards to

Real Estate and Property Matters

The right to shelter is a fundamental right embodied in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of Bangladesh. Real estate development is a business activity concerned with land and construction that provides value-adding services by developing residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and integrated projects and related infrastructure. The concept of real estate

Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment law concerns the laws and regulations that govern relationships between employees and employers. Labor law governs the relationships between groups of employees, such as labor unions and their employers, while employment law governs the relationships between individual employees and their employers. Our practice areas in labor and employment law including representing employers

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property (IP) law is a growing practice area that protects the creations of the human mind. These creations might include inventions that qualify for patent protection or literary and artistic works such as books, plays, music, and artwork. They can also include product names, slogans, logos, and packaging; symbols, names, images, and designs used

Corporate and Banking Law

AIN BISHAROD represents various domestic and foreign financial institutions as well as insurance companies. Our expert team regularly advises on syndicated loans and differing security arrangements and undertakes every type of security documentation, drafting and perfecting of securities. With the introduction of innovative financial services and products to the Bangladesh markets, We have formed outstanding

Civil Litigation

In Bangladesh, A case where a right to property, offices, and religion is in question is regarded as a case of civil nature. Civil litigation is a legal process in which criminal charges and penalties are not at issue. When two or more parties become embroiled in such a non-criminal legal dispute, the case is